Frequently asked questions

What is Zouzounia TV+?

Zouzounia TV+ is the only Greek streaming service with content exclusively tailored for kids! Zouzounia TV+ offers more than 250 hours of kids content from music videos and series to educational videos in a 100% safe digital environment without any ads and the ability to download your favorite videos and watch them offline on any device.

How can I watch Zouzounia TV+?

Zouzounia TV+ is available on any and all devices without any restrictions. You can enjoy Zouzounia TV+ From your desktop or laptop simply by clicking here From your mobile device using the iOS or Android App From your TV through Android TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire or ROKU. And don’t worry, you can pick up any video right where you left off no matter which device you watched it on.

How many users can watch at the same time?

We realize that most of you might have more than one child, and they will most likely not want to watch the same video, so we made sure that with each membership to Zouzounia TV+, two users can watch simultaneously on any device.

How can I watch offline?

We understand that streaming videos puts a dent in your monthly data plan but we got you covered! All Zouzounia TV+ members have the option to download their favorite videos on their mobile device using the iOS or Android App and watch them wherever they are without having to be connected to the internet. The process is very simple, you can watch the video tutorial below ...

How do I subscribe to Zouzounia TV+ and how much does it cost?

You can visit and sign up for your membership and enjoy a 7-day free, no-strings-attached trial! We believe that period of time is enough to convince you to keep enjoying everything our streaming service has to offer! If you sign-up for a monthly subscription, cost is $5.49 but you can take advantage of our annual plan that offers a 50% discount and is a total of $29.99. Once you complete your subscription you immediately have exclusive access to all our content, on any device, without any restrictions!

How does the free trial work?

Once you have completed your membership to Zouzounia TV+ you instantly have access to the entire platform, for free for 7 days! During that trial period you can cancel your membership at any time without any charges. Once your trial ends your membership will automatically be charged for as long as you choose.

How can I cancel my membership?

For a monthly membership there is absolutely no commitment! You can cancel your membership at any time simply by logging into your account on Zouzounia TV+. If you’ve chosen an annual membership plan, with a 50% discount, your membership will be valid for 1 year from the payment date.

Is Zouzounia TV+ available worldwide?

Yes! You can enjoy Zouzounia TV+ worldwide!

What can I watch on Zouzounia TV+?

On Zouzounia TV+ you can watch our extensive library that includes: - All the songs and music videos with Zouzounia & The Zoogies - All episodes of AKATA MAKATA with Akadou and Lykourgos - All the educational videos Early Learning Fun and Βλέπω και Μαθαίνω - All the Zouzounia Baby videos for babies ages 0-2 We also provide content for parents from easy and imaginative DIY crafts you can enjoy creating with your kids, Mom Hacks, ideas for childrens’ parties, to healthy recipes that your kids will love and innovative Baby Food Art ideas.

Why should I subscribe to Zouzounia TV+ and not continue watching the videos on Youtube?

That’s a question that everyone is thinking! The answer to that question has two sections.
Why should I pay for a membership on Zouzounia TV+ and not continue watching the videos for free on YouTube? You can now only find a very small selection of our videos on YouTube. ONLY on Zouzounia TV+ can you now find more than 250+ hours of content designed entirely for kids. On Zouzounia TV+ kids can safely navigate in a 100% familiar but always secure environment. There are absolutely no ads on Zouzounia TV+. You can watch any video you choose offline without having to be connected to the internet. Why are the videos no longer available on YouTube and why do I have to pay for Zouzounia TV+? Recently, YouTube has been making many radical changes in the way they handle kids content. One of the most crucial changes they’ve put in motion is that it no longer allows targeted ads on videos that are intended for kids under the age of 13. As a result our videos no longer generate income through ads. For more than 20 years the Zouzounia TV team, that consists of more than 40 people, has been creating content exclusively for kids! The way this content has been distributed has changed and evolved over the years. We began with VHS and CD, moved on to DVD and the last few years migrated to streaming, primarily through YouTube. YouTube, as a platform, has given us the ability to market our content while simultaneously offering you that content for free. However, with YouTube’s new policies it is practically impossible for us to continue producing new content at the same rate. That is the main reason why we created Zouzounia TV+. Being fully aware of all the expenses that parents are faced with nowadays, we have made a conscious effort to provide you with this streaming service at the lowest cost possible, $5.49/per month and with a 50% discount should you choose a yearly membership; in which case your monthly payments add up to just $2.49. Zouzounia TV+ is an environment that’s entirely familiar to kids, as it was specifically created according to the way that they have been streaming our content on YouTube.